Orient Sky has the experience and competency to provide high quality services and up to the satisfactory level of clients in the following, but not limited to, specific areas;

A. Researches and Studies

Labour Market and Workforce Studies
Sectoral Studies
Projects' and Beneficiaries’ Studies
Training needs assessment
Identifying and Selecting Priority Sectors & Occupations
Baseline Studies and Surveys
Work environment and Conditions Studies
Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Studies and Assessments
Skills Gap Studies and Analysis
Tracer studies, Employers’ satisfaction and Graduates’ Satisfaction
M&E and Impact Assessment


B- Design, Implement and Maintain TVET Systems & Programmes, including:

Occupational Standards: Occupational Profiles, DACUM Facilitation

Accreditation & Quality Assurance: Sectoral Planning

National Qualification Frameworks (NQF) & Meta NQFs

Curricula Development: Competency-Base / Design, implementing and managing Vocational Education and Training programmes 

Formal and informal Apprenticeship, RPL and OJT training programmes 

Inclusion of vulnerable, marginalized and displaced people in TVET and development programmes and interventions 

Strategic Planning: Logframes, Proposals, Report; Concept notes, Reporting & Documentation …etc.

Monitoring & Evaluation / Impact Assessment

Occupational & Career Guidance and Counseling

Professional Development (for Management Staff & Instructor Development Programs)

Reform & Restructuring / Strategies &  Policies / Legislations & Legal aspect / Governance / Performance Assessment / Standard Operational Manuals (SOPs)

Advocate Strategies, Awareness Campaigns, Media and Promotional activities 

Soft skills: Communication Strategies

Occupational Health & Safety 

Technical Translation in the above areas


C- Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

Orient Sky provides a wide variety package of quality training mentoring and coaching programs, including, but not limited to:

Strategic Planning

Technical Writing

Project Management

Quality Assurance

How to start-up Your Project

Soft Skills: developing & implementing

Monitoring & Evaluation

Curricula Development

Impact Assessment

DACUM Facilitation

Occupational Analysis

Developing Occupational Standards

Classifications: ISCO, ISIC, ASCO, ISCED

Sectoral Planning

TVET Indicators

Labour Market Databases

Labour Market Indicators

Surveys & Studies

Occupational & Career Guidance and Counseling

Designing Media Campaigns, Promotional Materials …etc.

Technical Skills Training, Technology and Computer Applications & Programs

Enhancement of Local Communities

Building Partnerships

Technical & Occupational Competencies 


D- Backstopping, Logistic and Projects’ Support Services

Hotels Bookings and Reservations

Land arrangements (meet and assist at the airport, private transportation…etc)

Workshops and conferences full arrangements and reservations (meeting room, meeting package, room reservations … etc.)

Promotional publication (materials

Event Management

Translation systems

Interpretation and consecutive Translation

Driving, Delivery and other Services




E- Coordination and Communications with Local Communities, NJOs and TVET Providers

Orient Sky provides full services of Outdoor Events taking into consideration every little detail in order to exceed our client’s expectations. This service is offered in all parts of Jordan.


F- Outdoor Events Organization

Orient Sky provides of Secretary Works, Communication and Coordination services with NGOs, local communities and private sector representatives and TVET Providers, since we do believe that partnership among and engaging of all entities in one of the key evidence on sustainable development.