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Orient Sky

Orient Sky

For TVET and Development Consultations and Services is seeking to help vulnerable and margenalised people to get impowered

Researches and Studies

20 May 2021

Labour Market and Workforce StudiesSectoral StudiesProjects' and Beneficiaries’ Studies and Surveys  Training needs...

Coordination with Local Communities

23 Nov 2014

  Coordination and Communications with Local Communities, NJOs and TVET Providers   Orient Sky provides of...

Outdoor Events Organization

23 Nov 2014

  Orient Sky provides full services of Outdoor Events taking into consideration every little detail in order to...

Logistic, Translation and Support

23 Nov 2014

  Backstopping, Logistic and Projects’ Support Services Secure short and long term experts in TVET and...

Training, Mentoring and Coaching

23 Nov 2014

  Orient Sky provides a wide variety package of quality training mentoring and coaching programs, including, but not...

Design, Implement & Maintain TVET

20 Nov 2014

   Design, Implement and Maintain TVET Systems & Approaches, including:     Occupational...

Our Staff is TVET & Development Specialists

We Have a Very Energetic & Dynamic Staff...

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