Design, Implement and Maintain TVET Systems & Approaches, including:



Occupational Standards

Occupational Profiles, DACUM Facilitation

Accreditation & Quality Assurance

Sectoral Planning

National Qualification Frameworks (NQF) & Meta NQFs

Identifying & Selecting Priority Sectors & Occupations

Curricula Development: Competency Units, CBT …etc

Implementing & Managing Vocational Education and Training

Monitoring & Evaluation

Baseline Studies, Surveys, Tracer studies, Employers’ satisfaction, Graduates’ Satisfaction.

Reporting & Documentation

Training needs assessment,

Strategic Planning: Logframes, Proposals, Report; Concept notes, …etc;

Training Analysis

Impact Assessment

Work environment and Conditions

Occupational & Career Guidance and Counseling

Labour Market & Workforce Studies

Professional Development (for Management Staff & Instructor Development Programs)

Occupational Health & Safety

Reform & Restructuring, Strategies; Policies, Legislations and Governance

Performance Assessment

Awareness Campaigns, Media, and Promotional  

Advocate Strategies

Soft skills

Communication Strategies

Gap analysis

Operational Manuals

Technical Translation in the above areas